E.ON is leading the energy transition, providing smart, sustainable and personalised solutions for customers at home, in business and across entire towns and cities. As the UK’s largest electricity supplier, we’ve been a driving force behind the UK’s renewable revolution for over 30 years and as part of the E.ON Group, we’re one of the foremost energy companies in the world.

In approaching the UK’s 2050 net zero target, we're helping thousands of businesses take control of their energy. Our experts deliver innovative and effective renewable solutions to help businesses​ cut costs, reduce energy waste, meet sustainability goals and become less reliant on the grid.

We’re the partner for all your decarbonisation needs, working with customers to deliver a holistic end-to-end service for businesses and organisations, looking at energy efficiency and integrated solutions across the supply-chain.  We specialise in Food & Beverage Manufacturing​, with key clients including Diageo and Walkers.  We focus on key areas to reduce carbon emissions and costs, including the implementation and analysis of an Energy Management System​ to monitor & optimise energy use, procuring renewable electricity and installing suitable onsite renewable energy generation​, through to developing a long term plan for the decarbonisation of heat.  As well as this holistic and tailored approach, we have the skills and expertise in negotiating the complexities of renewable energy schemes (including planning, consents, requirements, DNO, etc) and can offer fully funded solutions with zero capex for customers.

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